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Millenderdale Wind Farm


Scottish Government's good practice guidance on community benefit from renewable energy developments advises that, in parallel with the planning application process, consultation and engagement should take place with community groups and others who may have interest in the community benefits which would flow from the wind farm.

GreenPower hosted a workshop with community organisations, Community Councils and Councillors which discussed experiences of how wind farm funds had worked across the area so far and how the proposed Millenderdale fund could meet the needs of rural and urban communities. You can download a short summary of the event here.

Following the event, GreenPower launched a wider consultation and invited written responses from any interested individual or organisation. The following questions were intended to help guide responses.

Views on the shape of a community benefit fund can still be sent by e-mail to

  1. Do you consider there should be a specific boundary within which the funds must be spent (e.g. 10km from the Wind Farm, by Community Council boundary? If so, why and on what basis?
  2. Is there a case for particular areas receiving a higher proportion of the fund than others? Why?
  3. Is there a need for a split of funds between local and wider regional areas? If so, why?
  4. What have been your experiences, if any, in administering and/or applying for wind farm funds in your area so far?
  5. Do you have thoughts on which models for distributing the funds maybe best suited to the area i.e Carrick Futures, wind farm trust? What role should members of the community have in administration and/or making decisions about how funds are spent in that model?
  6. What work has been done to identify community needs at the local and regional level and what has that shown?
  7. What needs have community wind farm funds been able to successfully address?
  8. Where are the gaps in what wind farm funds have been able to support?
  9. What should wind farm funds not be used to support?

Please note that the Planning Application process and the Community Benefit consultation/establishment process are entirely separate, and community benefit is not a material consideration in the assessment of the planning application.